Responsible Budgeting

Unplanned expenses can dramatically change your quality of life. As your Councilmember, I will be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars and pragmatic when increasing or modernizing the role of government. I’ll prioritize maintaining Upper Arlington’s bond rating (Aaa from Moody’s Investors Service & AAA from Standard & Poors - the highest possible rating allowing for a low cost of borrowing). I’ll fight for capital improvements that align with our resident’s vision for Upper Arlington, refraining from excessive or unnecessary spending.


Infrastructure isn’t just for those with cars or who are able-bodied. As your Councilmember, I’ll increase our connectivity via mass transit, bike lanes and sidewalks while decreasing traffic and congestion. I’ll address barriers to entry or downsizing within our community.  This includes small businesses. I’ll renew our focus on development, increasing residential and commercial variety without decreasing property values or drastically changing the look and feel of neighborhoods. 

Health & Safety

Upper Arlington needs leaders committed to our community’s long-term health and wellness. As your Councilmember, I will stand up for the well-being of our residents of all ages. That includes examining traffic and speeding, opportunity crimes, and addiction/substance use. I’ll maintain UA’s leadership on environmental progress.

Have an issue you want to discuss? I am all ears. Let’s talk about how we can preserve and improve Upper Arlington together.